SkillRide Network

SkillrideNetwork Game Client Chat Sounds

Our tailored sounds spice up the chat at the table and add a personal touch to your conversations with your friends and fellow players.

In order to activate the sounds at the game table while seated or spectating, just type in the indicated abbreviation and all players with sound enabled in the game client will hear what you have to say!

 Abbreviation  Associated Sound
  1isnuts   "One of us is nuts!"
  app   applause
  anothertime   "Well, we will continue at another time" 
  argh   a scream of frustration
  boo   BOO
  brilliant   “Brilliant!”
  brb   “Be right back”
  byehavefun   “Bye, have fun”
  call   "Show me the money"
  cash   cash register
  charge   hockey organ
  chicken   excited chicken on the run
  comeon   "Oh, Come On"
  congrats   champagne cork
  crash   thundering in cartoon style
  denied   "Denied!"
  doh   "Duh" (as in "oops")
  done   "Thats all she wrote"
  dontgo   "Don't Go, Don't Go!"
  drink?   pouring a beverage
  dude   "Duuude"
  elol   evil laughter
  fishn   a fish strike
  Gday   “Good Day Mate!” – Aussie style
  gimmeabreak   "Gimme a Break"
  goodluck   "Very Good Luck to You"
  gotcha   "Gotcha"
  grrrr   angry growl
  hail   "Hail to the King"
  hmmm   "I keep thinking but nothing happens!"
  howudoin   "Hey, how u doing?"
  huh   “I don’t get it.”
  jackpot   “Jackpot Baby.”
  later   “See You Later Huh”
  lesstalk   “Less talk, more action.”
  livewithit   “Stop whining”
  lol   female laugh out loud
  loo   flushing toilet
  makemyday   "Go Ahead, Make My Day!"
  mlol   male laugh out loud
  mockme   "Your mocking me, aren't you?"
  neededthat   "Thanks, I Needed that"
  nervous   nervous heartbeat
  notright   “That’s just not right.”
  noworries   “No Worries Mate!”
  ohno   “Oh No!”
  ouch   “Ouch”
  paybacktime   "Payback time!"
  shark   danger! shark attack music
  snooze   a loud snore
  sorrychief   "Sorry about that chief"
  suffer   "Your Suffering Will Be legendary"
  talk2me   “Can someone talk to me?”
  trouble   "Here comes trouble"
  TTYL   “Talk to you later.”
  tyvm   "Thank you very much" - Elvis-style 
  unbelievable   "What in the wide world of sports is going on here?" 
  unreal   eerie music
  victory   "Victory is mine!"
  wassup   "What's Up?"
  whipped   whip cracking
  whistle   wolf whistle
  whoops   "whoops"
  woohoo   "Woohoo"
  wow   “Wow”
  wrong   "Wrong Sir! Wrong!
  yh   "YeeHaw"
  youlit   "Why you little!"

The cardrooms on the SkillRideNetwork are all fun play sites where tokens have no monetary or financial value. Players cannot redeem any tokens, accumulated through game play or awarded through subscriptions, for monetary or financial value. The SkillRideNetwork provides players an environment to hone their poker skills, measure their performance and earn bragging rights with friends and family.

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